Let’s travel together, always, ne?

My husband and I last December 28, 2011 in Toledo, Spain.

*photo by Rachel

Memories of Spain

I’ve been to Spain a year and a half ago, but only went to cities in Catalunya region. Being in Madrid, Toledo and Salamanca was a very different experience with a bit of nostalgia, because of some of the food which we also had last time. 

  • visited my good chlidhood friend, Rose. She’s currently studying in Madrid. We also met with her friend Rachel from work. Both are diplomats. Lucky girls! :-)
  • the “hipster hotel” we stayed in, which was located at the heart of Madrid
  • a lot of people!!!
  • Spanish style (not Latin American) churros with so rich hot chocolate
  • all you can eat tapas.. 
  • my favorite tapas: Pulpo a la Gallega!!!
  • tiniest Metro ticket I have ever used.
  • extreme weather temperatures — from chilly 50s to a sudden drop to the 30s once the sun goes down.
  • Mango, Zara, Desigual, Custo, Bershka, Blanco - not enough time to shop! Just bought some stuff at Mango to keep myself warmer.
  • getting lost within the walled city of Toledo on purpose..
  • buying Artisan crafts in Toledo
  • savoring a three course meal before siesta both in Toledo and Salamanca.
  • Understanding why there’s so many frog souvenirs in Salamanca.
  • the flamboyant male Flamenco dancer
  • the mixture of Christian, Jewish and Muslim architecture called Mudéjar which was present in the three cities we visited.
  • always having dinner at 10pm
  • scary but breathtaking Goya paintings.
  • the cookies and sweets store in Salamanca: “It’s a trap! If we go in, we’ll never get out!” -Rose (she was the last person to step in inside the store lol)

Reasons to comeback:

  • walk around the city in a warmer season
  • taste more authentic tapas
  • more museums and landmarks to visit
  • explore Parque del Retiro
  • spend more than a day in Toledo and Salamanca
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